Mental health and Physiotherapy

There is also a robust association between psychological state conditions and other people reporting multiple pain sites. Not all physiotherapists realize that psychological state is all the business of physiotherapy. However, it's well illustrated within the following quotation: ‘no health without mental health'. As health care providers, physiotherapists also are involved within the prevention and promotion of health, including psychological state with frail psychological state, chronic musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain and psychosomatic disorders. In addition to those conditions, more severe physical diseases like cardiovascular diseases, paralysis, atrophic arthritis , hypertension, DM , metabolic syndrome, asthma, asthma/chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), cerebrovascular diseases (stroke), obesity, epilepsy, cancer and other diseases are frequently accompanied with a ‘rollercoaster’ of emotions, feelings of hysteria and pain.